for Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge, Office #87 - November 4, 2014

"For more than 25 years, I have helped crime victims, business owners and the community access justice. As Judge, I will apply the law with fairness, integrity & respect."

About Tom

Tom Griego earned a B.A in Political Science in 1980 from UCLA; a Master of Science in Public Administration in 1984 from CSULA; and a J.D. in 1990 from Whittier Law School. Between 1975 and 1984, Tom gained valuable work experience with the City of Commerce; Washington D.C. COG; Commuter Transportation Services; the City of El Monte; the Los Angeles Raiders; and the Los Angeles Olympics Organizing Committee. In 1985, while completing his law studies at night, Tom joined the Los Angeles Police Department as a Department Advocate. In 1994, after serving as Chief of Staff to a Los Angeles City Council member, and as an associate at a private law firm, Tom accepted an appointment as a criminal prosecutor with the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office. In 2011, Tom was elevated to the specialized Anti-Gang Division. Currently, Tom serves as the specially assigned, Criminal Gang Prosecutor covering various communities of Los Angeles, where he's vertically prosecuted over 150 gang and quality of life crimes.

  • 1985-89, Department Advocate/Budget Analyst - LAPD/GSD
  • 1990-91, Chief of Staff - Los Angeles City Council
  • 1991-93, Associate - Rosato & Samuels
  • 1993-94, Sole Practioner
  • 1994-97, LA City Attorney, Trial DCA - Hollywood, Hill Street and CCB
  • 1997-2004, LA City Attorney, Employment Litigator - LADWP
  • 2004-2006, LA City Attorney, Transactional Counsel - Port of LA/ACTA, JPA
  • 2006-2010, LA City Attorney, Advisory & Regulatory Counsel - Neighborhood Councils
  • 2010-2011, LA City Attorney, Trial DCA - Central Jail Arraignment Court
  • 2011-Present, LA City Attorney, Gang Prosecutor - Safe Neighborhood/Anti-Gang

Since 1999, Tom has actively and proudly served as a LA County Board of Supervisors Appointee to the Real Estate Management Commission, and in 2008 was elected its current President. Tom has also volunteered countless time and energy to numerous political campaigns, community causes and local issues since the mid-70s. A few of his favorite endeavors over the years is to assist with the Veteran Homeless Valor Program; set-up and stripe AYSO soccer fields; and participate at elementary schools as part of career day.

Please vote November 4th, Tom Griego, Judge of the Superior Court, Office #87!



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  • Honorable John Green *
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Elected Officials

  • Hon. Maxine Waters, Congresswoman
  • Hon. Mike Feuer, City Attorney
  • Hon. John Perez, Assemblyman
  • Hon. Rocky Delgadillo, City Attorney *
  • Hon. Paul Koretz, Councilman
  • Hon. Ed Reyes, Councilman *
  • Hon. Doug Haubert, City Prosecutor
  • Hon. Andre Quintero, Mayor, El Monte

Community Leaders

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  • Karl & Stephanie Salinas
  • David Inocencio
  • Howard Coleman, Esq.


  • IBEW
  • MABA
  • Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorneys (ADDA)
* Retired



tjgriego (at) att.net


P.O. Box 411746
Los Angeles, CA 90041


(213) 304-1927